U.S. Agent
US Agent Fights Dreadknight
Alternate Identity U.S. Agent
Team Affiliations Force Works

U.S. Agent is a superhero with powers and a costume similar to Captain America.


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U.S. Agent fought as part of Force Works against The Hand. At some point he left the team.


Similar to Black Widow, only appeared in the comic book tie-in to Iron Man.

The character has yet to appear in animation.

U.S. Agent was in Force Works at the time the series was produced, but was replaced with Hawkeye. Much of Hawkeye's characterization was taken from U.S. Agent.

In the ComicsEdit

His real name is John Walker.

Originally started as a villain, intended to be the opposite of Captain America in every way.

Has taken the name Captain America.

Joined the West Coast Avengers, the inspiration for The Avengers: United They Stand, before Force Works.

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