Ultra City
Ultra City NAHT
Real Name Ultra City
Alternate Identity New York City
Powers and Abilities Moving buildings, Cannon defenses
Allies Ultron
Drone Walker
Drone Flyer
Iron Avengers
Ultra City is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.
Physical Therapy
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Ultra City is the city that Ultron built on top of the ruins of New York City after it killed the Avengers. There are powerful cannons along the coast to destroy anything that approaches. It is patrolled and maintained by Drone Walkers and Drone Flyers. It is commanded by Ultron in his Citadel. The buildings are on rails and can be moved at any time. Vision spied on Ultron and his robots by remaining immaterial until Ultron found a way to harm him in this form. Many humans still remain in the ruins of New York having banded together as the Scavengers. After the Hulk and Torunn destroyed Ultron the Avengers returned to Ultra City to defeat the remaining robots.