Unnamed Female President
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity President
Team Affiliations President of the United States of America
Allies Henry Peter Gyrich

This woman was President of the United States of America.


She held office in the White House when Henry Peter Gyrich approached her about the Sentinel project. It would protect humans from mutant threats. They set up the Mutant Control Agency out of the Federal Security Agency in Washington D.C.

However, after the Agency was attacked by the X-Men, the president ordered Gyrich to stop the Sentinel program.

Eventually she left office and Robert Kelly took office.

Alternate VersionEdit

President Sobs DoFP

In an alternate reality, Kelly was killed by Mystique in the disguise of Gambit. In response Sentinels took over the world. When the she learned that the world had been taken over by the robots she broke down crying. Bishop went back in time, stopped Mystique, and this timeline was erased.


The president's voice actress is unknown.

Her name was not specified.

This president was likely based off Hillary Rodham Clinton. Mrs. Clinton became First Lady in 1992, the same year X-Men started, when her husband Bill Clinton was elected. In addition to similarities in physical appearance, this president has a Southern accent while the Mr. Clinton was governor of Arkansas before becoming president. Eventually, the female Clinton would run for president in both 2008 and 2016.

Given the precarious timeline of the Marvel Animated Universe, it is unknown when she was president in relationship to Bill Clinton. Likely, she came afterwards.

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