Today is the twentieth anniversary of the premiere of Gargoyles. The three season series was created by Greg Weisman and received much critical acclaim. The series featured the talents of Keith David as head gargoyle Goliath and his clone Thailog, Jeff Bennett as Brooklyn, Frank Welker as Bronx, Edward Asner as Hudson, Bill Fagerbakke also as Broadway, Jonathan Frakes as main villain David Xanatos, Kath Soucie as Weird Sisters, John Rhys-Davies as Macbeth, Clancy Brown as Hakon, Jim Cummings as Dingo, Ed Gilbert as Bodhe, Matt Frewer as Jackal, Cree Summer as Hyena, Michael Bell as Pat Joey, Michael Dorn as Coldstone, David Warner as Archmage, Richard Grieco as Tony Dracon, Brent Spiner as Puck, Scott Cleverdon as Jon Carter, Nichelle Nichols as Diane Maza, Cam Clarke as Gillecomgain, Diedrich Bader as Jason Canmore, Xander Berkeley as Iago, Paul Winfield as Jeffrey Robbins, Gregg Berger as Leo, Weisman as a commando, Lawrence Bayne as Raven, Tony Jay as Anubis, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Mace Malone, James Avery as The Shaman, LeVar Burton as Anansi, Dorian Harewood as Boreas, and Rob Paulsen as Helios.

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