Today is the DVD release of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes's third and fourth volumes. Volume Three: Iron Man Unleashed! will contain episodes fourteen through nineteen ("Masters of Evil", "459", "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow", "Come the Conqueror", "The Kang Dynasty", and "Widow's Sting") while Volume Four: Thor's Last Stand! contains the final seven episodes ("The Casket of Ancient Winters", "Hail, Hydra!", "Ultron-5", "The Ultron Imperative", "This Hostage Earth", "The Fall of Asgard", and "A Day Unlike Any Other"). Each set has a unique "Avengers Unmasked" feature, an animated in-episode comic book experience loaded with fun facts on the Avengers and the villains that challenge them. In preparation, Marvel Animation Age has the DVD art and video clips.


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