April is here and the March poll results are in. We asked what was the best good guy gone bad moment.

  1. First place was a tie between two moments, each with 28.6% of the votes. One was when Iron Man attacked and defeated War Machine during the Iron Man episode "The Armor Wars, Part Two" while the other was when the Phoenix-possessed Jean Grey attacked the X-Men during the X-Men episode "The Dark Phoenix". Both are based on beloved stories from the comics, though only the mutant-based betrayal is directly lifted from the pages.
  2. In second place with 14.3% of the votes was the recent film Big Hero 6 when main character Hiro Hamada took out Baymax's nursing protocols and ordered him to kill the villain Yokai. The scene from the Academy Award winning film is perhaps the darkest action from any hero in Walt Disney Animation Studios's history.
  3. Tied for third with 9.5% was when Ms. Marvel tried to take over Rogue's body in the X-Men episode "A Rogue's Tale" and Spider-Man swearing to make Green Goblin pay in the Spider-Man episode "Turning Point". Both based in the comics, each presented an equally dark turn for the heroes. Carol hated Rogue for her bodiless condition and Peter thought Norman Osborn went too far when Mary Jane Watson apparently died (based on the comics where Gwen Stacy actually died).
  4. Receiving only 4.8% was when Captain America became suicidal in Ultimate Avengers II and Silver Surfer offering to feed Zenn-La to Galactus in the Silver Surfer episode "The Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part One". Both were relatively original to their media.
  5. Getting no votes was when Hulk attacked the Fantastic Four in the Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes episode "Hard Knocks". Though to be fair, Hulk has attacked a lot of heroes in virtually every media he is in.

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Iron Man Strangles War Machine
Phoenix vs X-Men

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