Fans of Spider-Man: The Animated Series will finally get closure to the series. Today it was announced that MTV would begin production on the second season to begin airing again later this year, ten years after the cliffhanger ending.

President of MTV Stephen K. Friedman stated, "We are very pleased to see the return of Spider-Man. It's a shame we could never get to this sooner, but now the time is right. The fans have spoken and we have answered."

So far, Neil Patrick Harris (Spider-Man), Lisa Loeb (Mary Jane Watson), and Ian Ziering (Harry Osborn) have stated their willingness to return.

Brian Michael Bendis stated that the second season, with possibly more to come, would focus more on classic and well known villains. There will also be more appearances by other comic book characters including Daredevil, Moon Knight, and a few Avengers.


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