Today is Superman Day, a day to celebrate the Man of Steel from DC Comics. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman is one of the oldest superheroes in comic books and is widely considered the most iconic having established virtually every facet of a comic book superhero. He was created in 1933 and debuted in June 1938 and is one of the few who has remained consistently popular in all that time. He has appeared in radio serials, newspaper stripes, television series, animated series, films, and video games. He was voiced by Beau Weaver in the 1988 animated Superman series, Crispin Freeman in the video game Justice League Heroes, Yuri Lowenthal on the series Legion of Super Heroes, Nolan North on Young Justice, David Kaye on DC Super Friends, Jeff Bennett on Superman of Tokyo, Travis Willingham on Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and Alan Tudyk on Justice League: War. Superman has even crossed over with Marvel Comics several times. He fought Hulk and won due to fan votes and later merged with Captain America to become Super-Soldier while the younger version of himself merged with Spider-Man to become Spider-Boy.

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