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  • ARTaylor

    Fallout 4 Released

    November 10, 2015 by ARTaylor

    Today is the release of Fallout 4. Actually the fifth game in the incredibly popular video game series, the franchise features the world centuries after a nuclear war with this game set in the post-apocalyptic city of Boston. The game features the talents of Matthew Mercer as Maccready and Z1-14, Tim Russ as Lancer Captain Kells, Alan Oppenheimer as Paladin Brandis, Ron Perlman as the narrator, as well as Iona Morris as Daisy, Cheryl Glass, Clair Hutchins, and Gibson.

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  • ARTaylor

    Trumbo Released

    November 6, 2015 by ARTaylor

    Today is the release of Trumbo. The biographical film focuses on the screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted for his Communist associations. It features the talents of Alan Tudyk as English screenwriter Ian McLellan Hunter, who fronted for Trumbo as the writer of the famous feature Roman Holiday.

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  • ARTaylor

    This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the comic book debut of Firestar. Angelica Jones made her first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #193. Originally part of the villain group the Hellions, she fought James Proudstar who sought revenge for his brother's death. It was later revealed that she was being manipulated by the psychic Empath after being trained by Emma Frost. She began to doubt her motives and teammates, eventually to the X-Men. Since that time she has been a steady figure in the mutant universe and a member of both the New Warriors and Avengers.

    True fans know that Firestar was originally created for Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Voiced by Kathy Garver, she was designed as the third teammate for Spider-Man and Iceman when t…

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  • ARTaylor

    October 2015 Poll Results

    November 1, 2015 by ARTaylor

    November is here and with it the results of the October poll are in. We asked which original character who was adapted into other media, such as the comics and/or films, is your favorite. It was a close finish, but one emerged victorious.

    1. "WOLVERINE! PULL BACK!" With those final words, Morph lodged himself in the hearts and minds of X-Men viewers and became the clear winner of the original characters with 37.5% of the votes. He was loosely based on the character of Changeling, an early X-Man who was the first of the team to die, but was created by the producers to be his own character. His original purpose was to die in "Night of the Sentinels, Part Two" to show the dangers that the X-Men would face. But his brief appearance made a lasting a…

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  • ARTaylor

    Happy Halloween 2015

    October 31, 2015 by ARTaylor

    Happy Halloween! Originating in the Gaelic festival of Samhain, All Hallow's Eve is an ancient tradition typically celebrating the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. Nowadays, Halloween is a day to dress up in costume to go trick or treating for candy and carving Jack-o'-Lanterns.

    For Marvel fans looking for some Halloween-themed animation, you can check out the horror films Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned and The Monster of Frankenstein, the Spider-Man (1967)'s "Trick or Treachery", Spider-Man (1981) episode "Revenge of the Green Goblin", Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode "The Triumph of the Green Goblin", X-Men's "Bloodlines", The Spectacular Spider-Man's "The Uncertainty Principle", and the Ultimate Spider-Man episodes "B…

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