Vampires DSD
Real Name Vampire
Powers and Abilities Immortality, Sucks blood from humans, Can turn into bat and smoke, Can create other vampires, Enhanced strength and durability
Allies Satan
Family and Friends Count Dracula
Sir Tomo
Vampire is from the Non MAU video Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.
Physical Therapy
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A vampire an evil creature who sucks blood from mortals, is seemingly immortal, and can turn into a bat. The first vampire was Count Dracula of Transylvania, who died and was resurrected by Satan. He spread the curse to others including Layla, Mallisa, and Sir Tomo. They cannot stand the symbol of the cross. They are chased and killed by Vampire Hunters.


There's no apparent explanation as to why Dracula and Layla appear as normal human beings while the vampires in Transylvania are more zombie like. It could be that the two are better fed than the others.

In the comics, Rachel Van Helsing eventually became a vampire.

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