Vampire Hunter
Vampire Hunters DSD
Members Rachel Van Helsing
Frank Drake
Former Members Abraham Van Helsing
Jonathan Harker
Hans Harker
Vampire Hunter is from the Non MAU video Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.
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A vampire hunter is one who hunts vampires for the good of humanity. They specifically focus on vampire lord Count Dracula. They use knives, wooden stakes, hammers, hooks, crosses, and Bibles to hunt their prey. They also hunt werewolves and zombies.

The first two known vampire hunters were Abraham Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker, though both died by Dracula's hand. Hans Harker, Rachel van Helsing, Frank Drake, and Elijah later hunted vampires. God chose the infant Janus to hunt vampires, particularly Janus' father Dracula. Hans died killing Dracula and Janus was returned to infant form following this.


In the comics, other vampire hunters include Blade, Hannibal King, Taj Nital, and Harold H. Harold.

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