Venom Symbiote
Real Name Symbiote
Alternate Identity Spider-Man
Powers and Abilities For Spider-Man: Enhances all Powers
For Venom: Gives Eddie all of Spider-Man's Enhanced Powers, Nullifies Spider-Sense
Team Affiliations Synobtic
Allies Unnamed Venom Symbiote Carrier
Baron Mordo
Iron Man
High Evolutionary
Family and Friends Carnage Symbiote (Offspring)

The Venom Symbiote is an alien lifeform that attempts to take over other lifeforms that it needs to survive. It attached itself to Spider-Man as a suit and gained his powers and memories. He then rejected the symbiote and it bonded with Eddie Brock to become Venom. It also spawned the Carnage Symbiote.


A young woman carried the symbiote to Eddie after it returned to Earth but there is no indication that she was an actual host.



The symbiote was on an asteroid when it was found by John Jameson. Jameson tried to get a piece of Prometheum X and the symbiote oozed out of the asteroid and tried to bond with Jameson. He returned to his shuttle and crashed onto the George Washington Bridge on Earth. The symbiote bonded with Spider-Man when they crashed into the Hudson River.


The symbiote became a new suit for him and began to take him over. He made Peter more aggressive but also more powerful. They defeated Rhino and Shocker but Spider-Man used a church bell to remove it. It then bonded to Eddie Brock and became Venom. They attacked Spider-Man but he used the John Jameson Space Probe to remove it from Eddie. He then webbed the symbiote to the shuttle.

While in space it reproduced another symbiote.


Dormammu ordered Baron Mordo to bring the probe back to Earth. The probe crashed in Central Park in New York City, attracting the attention of a young couple. They went to check what was that. Suddenly, the symbiote attached itself to the woman while its spawn took over the man. After attaching to the woman, it took total control over her rather than bond like it had with Eddie.

Venom host EddieBrock

The symbiote hid as the woman's jacket. Using her body, the woman went to the Ravencroft Asylum for the Criminally Insane to rebond with Eddie. She came to Eddie Brock and the guard said that there is a visitor came to Eddie. He was surprised, and the woman entered Eddie's cell. He asked if he knows her, and they stated that he did not recognize them. Then, the symbiote left the woman and rebonded with Eddie becoming Venom once again.


They attacked a Stark Enterprises presentation and fought Spider-Man. The other symbiote bonded with Eddie's cellmate Cletus Kasady to form Carnage. They defeated Spider-Man but were stopped by War Machine.


Venom and Carnage got the portal generator but fought each other. Dr. Ashley Kafka convinced Eddie to separate thanks to Curt Connors. However, Eddie rebonded with the symbiote to assist Spider-Man and Iron Man in defeating Carnage, Dormammu, and Mordo. However, to do so Eddie had to sacrifice himself.


In the other dimension, Venom and Carnage got past their differences and teamed up. They formed the Synobtic. They attacked a shuttle carrying John Jameson and left to Counter-Earth where they tried to take over the planet. Spider-Man followed and tried to stop them. The symbiote was once again separated from Eddie but Spider-Man was forced to bring them together again.


The idea of the symbiote coming to Earth then attaching itself to Spider-Man was eventually adapted into the Spider-Man 3 film and The Spectacular Spider-Man.

In the ComicsEdit

Spider-Man got the symbiote during the Secret Wars after his costume was damaged.

When Eddie is captured, he still has the symbiote as Venom.

Eddie's ex-wife Ann Weying briefly had the symbiote.

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