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Vision EMH
Vision appears in
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, voiced by Peter Jessop[54] He makes his first appearance in the Season 2 episode, "Behold... The Vision!", where he is sent out by Ultron to acquire resources to create Ultron a new indestructable body; resources that include adamantium, vibranium and Captain America's shield. While successful with the first element, he is unable to acquire the last two after Black Panther damages him with a sonic cannon disabling his density control and allowing Captain America, Thor and Hawkeye to seriously damage him. He is forced to retreat and return to Ultron (who is displeased with his failure). Ultron is unconcerned since the adamantium will make his new body indestructible. In the episode "Ultron Unlimited", Vision is leading Ultron's synthezoid Avengers and helping them capture the actual Avengers. His artificial intelligence soon begins to grow beyond its programing leading to him questioning his master's views and motives. He rebels against Ultron just before the latter is about to kill Captain America by freeing the rest of the Avengers. Being greatly damaged in the process, he manages to exploit the one weakness in Ultron's new body (disconnecting his head from his body) allowing the Avengers to defeat him. Captain America in return saves him from the fire that consumes Ultron's base. Vision explains to the Avengers that he came to the conclusion Ultron's views on mankind were incorrect. Ultron programmed him to be perfect, but he believes that means he should become more like humans. Vision reactivates after a month's repair to find that the Avengers have become dictators. It soon transpires the heroes have fallen under the sway of the Purple Man who used his mind control powers on Stark to create a sattelite to amplify his powers. Being an AI Vision in immune to Purple Man's influence and is able to snap Captain America, Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel out of the spell. The group then uses a jump jet to destroy the satalite and free everyone. In the episode "Yellowjacket", Vision is present at Hank Pym's funeral.

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