Web Warriors Promo USM
Members Spider-Man
Flash Thompson
Iron Spider
Miles Morales
Former Members Spider-Man 2099
Spider-Man Noir
Scarlet Spider
For the Ultimate Spider-Man season subtitled Web-Warriors, see Ultimate Spider-Man Season Three.

The Web-Warriors are a group of alternate versions of Spider-Man from parallel universes. They formed together to fight threats to all of them.


The first version was formed when Green Goblin went across the multiverse to collect DNA from various versions of Spider-Man. They then teamed up to stop him.

Another group of Spider-Man-related figures from one universe formed to stop Doctor Octopus and Armin Zola.


The Web-Warriors were created in part to promote the Marvel Comics storyarc Spider-Verse. That story was partially due to the Spider-Men seen in Spider-Man.

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