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Spider-Man firing his webbing
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Web Fluid is from the Funko Universe video Spellbound.

Web Fluid is a substance used by the superhero Spider-Man.


It is unknown whether the webbing is artificially created by Spider-Man or a natural part of his powers.

Webslinging SBD

The webbing is a sticky substance that shoots out of Spider-Man's wrists when he presses down with his middle and ring fingers. The webs shoot out at high speeds and are able to stick to virtually any surface.

Loki Loses Scepter SBD

Spider-Man can use webs to swing through the city by attaching them to the skyscrapers. He can use them offensively in battle to cover his opponents face, tie them down, or pull something out of their hands.


One day, Spider-Man was swinging from his webs when he spotted Loki on a rooftop.

Iron Man Takes Scepter SBD

During the fight, Loki used his scepter to take control of Spider-Man's mind making him fight Iron Man. During the fight, Spider-Man tried to use the webbing against his ally. Iron Man redirected the web blasts and eventually used it to take the scepter out of Loki's hands and bring it to his, thus freeing Spider-Man.


Web fluid was not named.

It is never specified if it is Spider-Man's creation as it originally was in the comics or if it is natural as it is in more recent years.

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