White Gorilla Tribe
Former Members Man-Ape
White Gorilla Tribe is from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The White Gorilla Tribe is an off-shoot of the Wakandan people.


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Long ago, a group of Wakandans decided to worship a white gorilla rather than the a black panther. The Wakandan king, the Black Panther, exiled the people.

The two tribes continued to fight.

Eventually, Man-Ape fought T'Chaka for the throne of Wakanda. Because he allied himself with Klaw he won. The White Gorillas took over Wakanda and offered Klaw free access to the vibranium mines.

T'Chaka's son T'Challa recruited the Avengers to help him win the throne back. They defeated Klaw and Man-Ape and T'Challa took the throne. He then returned to the United States to join the Avengers.

The tribe was not seen afterwards.

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