Wrecking Crew
Wrecking Crew AEMH
Members Thunderball
Wrecking Crew is from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The Wrecking Crew are a group of supervillains, all with incredible strength.



The Wrecking Crew was hired by Loki to steal a Gamma Energy Emitter from Stark Industries. The Crew attacked a dock and fought with the New York Police Department and Thor. They were defeated but they served their purpose. They were meant as a distraction for Thor while Loki attacked Asgard with the Frost Giants.

They were sent to the Cube, and after the breakdown they worked for the Leader, who took the Cube and created a Gamma dome around it. They guarded the Gamma core and used the Leader's Gamma devices to become monstrous versions of themselves, but Black Panther deactivated the Gamma core and they were recaptured. It is unknown what happened to them afterwards, but they likely went to prison for their crimes.

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