X-23 WXM
Real Name X-23
Powers and Abilities Six Adamantium Claws, Healing Factor, Heightened Senses
Team Affiliations Team X
Weapon X
Family and Friends Wolverine (Biological Basis)
X-23 is from the Christopher Yost Animated Universe.

X-23 is a clone of the mutant Wolverine created by Weapon X.


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X-23 was created from the genetic material of Wolverine when he was captured and brainwashed by Weapon X to be part of Team X.

Deadpool was crept out by all the clones and wanted to kill them. Though he may have just been sadistically joking.

Some time after Wolverine's escape, the Professor released X-23 and had her join Team X. She eventually confronted her genetic basis though the Professor ordered her to stand down.

Alternate UniverseEdit

In the Days of Future Past timeline, Wolverine found four X-23 clones in the Weapon X facility. He released them and the five helped Charles Xavier and his X-Men stop Master Mold.


X-23 was voiced by Tara Charendoff-Strong on Wolverine and the X-Men. Her appearance on Hulk vs Wolverine was unvoiced.

In the ComicsEdit

X-23 took on the name Laura Kinney after the surrogate woman who helped her escape Weapon X.

Has joined the X-Men.

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