Real Name X-Jet
Alternate Identity SR-77
Powers and Abilities Stealth Aircraft
Team Affiliations X-Men
X-Jet is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

The X-Jet is a large aircraft built for use of the X-Men.


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The history of the X-Jet is unknown.

It was either built for or taken into the possession of Charles Xavier. He used it to transport his X-Men. It was hidden in a secret hanger under the Xavier Mansion.

It is usually flown by Cyclops.

New Mutants members tried to take the X-Jet on a joyride. They were stopped by Shadowcat and Avalanche. However, Cyclops thought Avalanche was behind it, causing Lance to leave the team.


The jet is usually called Blackbird. This changed for the series and comics after the first X-Men film where it was called X-Jet.

In the ComicsEdit

Upgraded by Forge.

Has a ruby quartz windshield so Cyclops can shoot through it.

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