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A list of episodes from the third season of X-Men: Evolution.


Script # Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original Airdate Production Code
31 "Day of Recovery" Gary Graham Boyd Kirkland
Greg Johnson
Cydne Clark
Steve Granat
September 14, 2002 31
32 "The Stuff of Heroes" Curt Geda Greg Johnson
Bob Forward
September 21, 2002 32
33 "Mainstream" Greg Johnson Michael Merton September 28, 2002 33
34 "The Stuff of Villains" Gary Graham Adam Beecham October 5, 2002 34
35 "Blind Alley" Curt Geda Greg Johnson
Boyd Kirkland
Craig Kyle
Doug Molitor
October 19, 2002 35
36 "X-Treme Measures" Frank Paur Greg Johnson
Boyd Kirkland
Jules Dennis
November 2, 2002 36
37 "The Toad, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" Gary Graham Steve Granat
Cydne Clark
November 9, 2002 37
38 "Self Possessed" Curt Geda Greg Johnson November 16, 2002 38
39 "Under Lock and Key" Frank Paur Sean Roche November 30, 2002 39
40 "X23" Curt Geda Craig Kyle
Christopher Yost
August 2, 2003 41
41 "Dark Horizon, Part One" Frank Paur Craig Kyle
Christopher Yost
August 9, 2003 42
42 "Dark Horizon, Part Two" Gary Graham Craig Kyle
Christopher Yost
August 16, 2003 43
43 "Cruise Control" Gary Graham Steve Granat
Cydne Clark
August 23, 2003 40


The X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants must deal with the consequences of their identities being revealed and the destruction of the mansion. As the world comes to now of mutants the children face all new challenges in the world and high school. They would encounter the Morlocks (including Caliban, Facade, Leech, Lucid, Torpid, and their leader Callisto), a group of underground mutants too deformed to exist among normal humans. Spyke would eventually join when his powers went out of control. Wolverine would learn that he has a female clone named X-23. They would also have to deal with Mesmero, a powerful psychic mutant who seeks to unleash the very first mutant, Apocalypse.

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