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A list of episodes from the fourth season of X-Men. This season contains the Beyond Good And Evil story arc.


Script # Title Writer(s) Original Airdate Production Code
54 "One Man's Worth, Part One" Richard Mueller September 9, 1995 408
55 "One Man's Worth, Part Two" Gary Greenfield September 16, 1995 409
51 "Courage" Michael Edens
Sandy Scesny
September 23, 1995 406
56 "Proteus, Part One" Bruce Reid Schaefer September 30, 1995 410
57 "Proteus, Part Two" Luanne Crocker October 7, 1995 411
48 "Sanctuary, Part One" Steven Melching
David McDermott
October 21, 1995 403
49 "Sanctuary, Part Two" Jeff Saylor October 28, 1995 404
63 "The End Of Time" Steve Cuden November 4, 1995 415
64 "Promise Of Apocalypse" Jan Strnad November 11, 1995 416
65 "The Lazarus Chamber" Michael Edens November 18, 1995 417
66 "End And Beginning" Dean Stefan November 25, 1995 418
62 "Have Yourself A Morlock Little X-Mas" Eric Lewald
Larry Parr
December 23, 1995 414
60 "The Lotus And The Steel" Ted Pedersen
Francis Moss
February 3, 1996 413
45 "Love In Vain" Martha Moran February 10, 1996 401
52 "Secrets, Not Long Buried" Mark Onspaugh February 17, 1996 407
50 "Xavier Remembers" Stephanie Mathison April 27, 1996 405
58 "Family Ties" Marley Clark May 4, 1996 412


Bishop, Shard, and an alternate (and married) Wolverine and Storm would learn what the world would be like if Professor Xavier had been killed. Morph would try to join the team one more time, but when the Sentinels return it may be too much for him. Xavier must stop Proteus, a fifteen year old boy looking for his father and a powerful mutant who brought Wolverine to his knees. Magneto would lead a mutant exodus to Asteroid M to live peacefully away from humans, but some still want a war with humans. Apocalypse would find a way to capture the psychics of the universe and use them to recreate reality as he wishes. Cable must then team up with the X-Men to stop the powerful mutant.

Home Video ReleasesEdit


Universal Studios released X-Men: No Mutant Is An Island which contained "The Lotus And The Steel". X-Men: One Man's Worth contained both "One Man's Worth" episodes. X-Men: Proteus contained both "Proteus" episodes. X-Men: Beyond Good and Evil: Special Edition contained the entire Beyond Good and Evil storyarc.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment released X-Men: The Legend of Wolverine which contained "The Lotus And The Steel". X-Men: Sanctuary/Weapon X, Lies and Videotape/Proteus contained both Sanctuary episodes and both Proteus episodes.


Buena Vista Home Entertainment released X-Men: The Legend of Wolverine containing "The Lotus And The Steel". X-Men Volume Three contained the first three episodes while X-Men Volume Four contained the rest of the series.

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