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A list of episodes from the second season of X-Men.


Script # Title Writer(s) Original Airdate Production Code
14 "Till Death Do Us Part, Part One" Mark Edward Edens October 23, 1993 201
15 "Till Death Do Us Part, Part Two" Michael Edens October 30, 1993 202
16 "Whatever It Takes" Julia Jane Lewald November 6, 1993 203
17 "Red Dawn" Francis Moss
Ted Pedersen
November 13, 1993 204
18 "Repo Man" Len Wein November 20, 1993 205
19 "X-Ternally Yours" Julianne Klemm December 4, 1993 206
20 "Time Fugitives, Part One" Michael Edens December 11, 1993 207
21 "Time Fugitives, Part Two" Elliot S. Maggin December 18, 1993 208
22 "A Rogue's Tale" Robert N. Skir
Marty Isenberg
January 8, 1994 209
23 "Beauty & the Beast" Stephanie Mathison January 15, 1994 210
24 "Mojovision" Brooks Wachtel February 5, 1994 211
25 "Reunion, Part One" Len Wein February 12, 1994 212
26 "Reunion, Part Two" Michael Edens February 19, 1994 213


Scott's and Jean Grey's wedding happiness is short lived. Soon after, a new villain called Mister Sinister uses the resurrected Morph to trap each member of the X-Men. Professor Xavier and Magneto would be captured and taken to the Savage Land, a place where prehistoric creatures roam and neither has use of their mutant powers. Storm, Wolverine, Gambit, and Rogue would all face figures from their past. Omega Red would try to resurrect the Soviet Union. Because of Bishop's intervention, humanity never creates certain antibodies for the Legacy Virus and is doomed from other plagues. Cable must travel back in time 2000 years and try to stop Bishop, but would be helping Apocalypse in the process.

Home Video ReleasesEdit


The first two episodes released on videos produced by PolyGram Video.

Universal Studios released several VHS tapes. X-Men: Sentinel had "Mojovision". X-Men: Mr Sinister had "Till Death Do Us Part" Parts One and Two. X-Men: Omega Red had "Whatever It Takes" and "Red Dawn". X-Men: Gambit had "Repo Man" and "X-Ternally Yours". X-Men: Cable had the two part "Time Fugitives". X-Men: Rogue had "A Rogue's Tale" and "Beauty and the Beast". X-Men: Reunion had the two part season finale.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment released a VHS called X-Men: The Legend of Wolverine with "The Final Decision" as a bonus episode.


Universal released a DVD titled X-Men: Reunion/Out Of The Past/No Mutant Is An Island that contained the two part season finale.

The first three episodes were released on X-Men Volume One while the rest of the season was released on X-Men Volume Two.

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