Real Name Mitch McCutcheon
Alternate Identity Zzzax
Powers and Abilities Energy Absorption
Energy Blasts
Allies Bruce Banner
Family and Friends Peg

Mitch McCutcheon is a scientist who briefly gained superpowers under the name Zzzax.


Mitch McCutcheon

Mitch came across Bruce Banner and tried to cure him. However, an accident turned him into Zzzax. Zzzax lost control and Hulk had to stop him. He then transformed back into Mitch.


Mitch was voiced by Michael Bell. Zzzax was voiced simultaneously by Bell, Leeza Miller, and Kevin Schon.

Mitch McCutcheon is an original character to the series. In the comics, Zzzax has no human form.

In the ComicsEdit

He is a being of pure energy created by an accident and was never human.

General Thaddeus Ross transferred his mind into Zzzax and fought the Rick Jones-Hulk.

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